Seattle Trans Picnic 2022!

Sat. July 16, 2022
Volunteer Park

Seattle Trans Picnic 2022 - Saturday July 16, 12pm - 6pm, Volunteer Park.
Seattle Trans Picnic 2022! A community gathering for trans & nonbinary folks. Free food & drinks! vegan trans donuts! queer vegan tamales! fluffy okazu pans! refreshing spring rolls! a ridiculous variety of bevs! Meet new trans friends! huge t4t area.
Seattle Trans Picnic 2022! A community gathering for trans & nonbinary folks. Free food & drinks! vegan trans donuts! queer vegan tamales! fluffy okazu pans! refreshing spring rolls! a ridiculous variety of bevs! Meet new trans friends! huge t4t area.
Seattle Trans Picnic 2022! A community gathering for trans & nonbinary folks. Free food & drinks! vegan trans donuts! queer vegan tamales! fluffy okazu pans! refreshing spring rolls! a ridiculous variety of bevs! Meet new trans friends! huge t4t area.


What is Seattle Trans Picnic?

Trans & nonbinary people hanging out in the park and having a great time!It started in 2021 as an idea for a few trans people to meet for a small picnic, since there were so many new and old trans folks looking for local community. Interest grew from a few people to a few dozen to a few hundred trans people!It was obvious there's a HUGE need to connect local trans & nonbinary community, and this is one place for that to happen!This event is by and for the local trans community, and not affiliated with any sponsor or organization.

Who is invited?

All trans & nonbinary people! We use these as big umbrella terms for the sake of convenience, but we greatly welcome ALL gender diverse folks who are not cis. So, two-spirit, intersex, agender, all of the diverse indigenous and diasporic non-binary genders, and others - please come! We often use the word "trans" just for brevity.Please no cis people who aren't invited by another trans person. Trans folks are welcome to invite emotional support cis as needed so you feel as comfortable and welcome as you can be at the event.We use the word "Seattle" but people came from Portland and even further last year.Lots of folks will come alone so please don't feel awkward if you don't have trans friends to come with! The purpose of this event is to build trans community and grow trans joy -- and that means you coming and meeting new folks or just enjoying this rare transnormative space! You won't be alone!

When & where is this year's picnic?

Volunteer Park in Seattle (aka the Seattle european colony, aka Duwamish & Coast Salish land), from 12pm-6pm. We'll plan to be in the field behind and to the south of the Seattle Asian Art Museum. Check our Instagram for details if this changes and a map close to the event.There is street parking nearby, limited disability parking spots in the park, metro bus line stops #10 and #49 nearby, and light rail about 3/4 of a mile away.You don't need to come for the whole time, but you'll want to come early if you want the freshest and biggest selection of food & drinks!

What should I bring?

Yourself!You can bring a picnic blanket, drinks, and foods -- particularly if you have special dietary needs or come late after we may run out of free fresh food.Feel free to bring anything else that makes sense for a public park -- games, pups, sunscreen, sunglasses, etc. Remember there will be cis people in the park doing park things, so nothing too loud or drawing-lots-of-cis-attention please!We ask not to bring food/snacks to share at the tables, to be sensitive to food sensitivities, cleanliness, and to keep the variety of food offerings intentional (not european-dominant).Honestly, just bringing yourself is more than enough!

How can I meet new perfect trans friends there?

The biggest feedback we got from 2021's events (trans picnic, trans beachday, and transoween) was that it was hard and awkward to meet new people.SO, we're going to make it as un-awkward as possible to meet other trans folks!FIRST, there will be a huge "t4t area" with blue and white blankets marked as such. This will be specifically for folks to sit and meet and talk to new friends! Everyone there is like you! Share social media info before you say bye!SECOND, we're doing a color-coded nametag system, inspired by "flagging".

  • PURPLE = I want to meet other new trans folks, come talk to me!

  • ORANGE = I'm enjoying the vibes, but not interested in meeting new folks right now, thanks

  • BLUE = Emotional support cis

  • Red heart (added to nametag) = Open to dating!

  • Neon dot (added to nametag) = Please always wear a mask around me!

There will also be tattoo ink markers and colorful body jewels if you want to make even more sure that people see your colors!

What food & drink will you have?

We'll have a LOT of food and drinks, but it's impossible to accurately estimate how many folks will show up, so come early if you want to be sure to get the food you'd like.This picnic is a celebration of our trans & nonbinary community, and we deserve nice picnic snacks!!!!We'll have:
- Vegan gluten-free queer tamales from Frelard Tamales
- Vegan fluffy okazu pans from Umami Kushi
- Vegan trans donuts from Dough Joy
- Vegan fresh spring rolls from Araya's
- Fresh fruit
- A bazillion types of canned drinks, including regular water, sparkly water, soda pop, tea, and lots of surprises

Is this accessible?

Well, "accessible" can mean a lot of things of course. There is ADA parking in front of the Seattle Asian Art Museum, and there is paved wheelchair access to the picnic area. Most people will be on the grass lawn, so that may or may not be easily accessible.  Restrooms nearby are ADA compliant.Please ask for assistance if you'd like it at any time -- and I don't need to tell folks to offer assistance when asked because trans community is awesome and we help each other & keep each other safe!If you have any other accessibility needs or questions, please email jeryche @ or Seattle Trans Joy on Instagram.

What about COVID??

Soo. Everything we know says that being outdoors reduces the risk of COVID transmission veeerrry much. We are very fortunate that we haven't heard of any COVID cases likely transmitted from our 3 events last year, despite hundreds of people attending each.BUT, we ask that you must 1) be vaxxed!, 2) don't crowd tightly, 3) wear masks when you aren't distancing, 4) take an at-home or PCR test the morning of the event or the Friday before.In our "t4t area" we'll spread blankets apart so there is some distancing there. We also extended the hours (from 1-5 last year to 12-6 this year) to reduce crowds a bit at any given time.We'll also have bronze star stickers if you would like folks to wear masks whenever they are talking to you or sitting/standing near you. Please listen to the neon dots!

How can I help?

Thank you!! The biggest things you can do to help are:1) Spread the word to as many trans & nonbinary folks as you can!2) You can show up a little early and/or leave a little late to help with setup and cleanup <33) Keep an eye out to make sure everyone feels included & safe during the event! Please say something if you see bad behavior (including from gawking cis) & feel safe doing so, or ask other community members to help you out.

Ummm who is paying for this

This year we got a fantastic grant from Seattle Pride! It was so fantastic to receive this from them and the money is covering all the food & drink this time. They aren't influencing anything at all at this event or any of our other events!We don't want to take donations from the trans community, because we have so much need already. This event is FOR you and we don't want to take anything from you! But, if you're wealthy and/or cis and want to donate for future events, please let us know at the contact info below.

Is this safe?

The world is the world, so we'll have a few trans folks doing security work from JBGC around just in case. Please provide community support if there are minor disagreements or if cis people come acting uncomfortably, but let Jerika or JBGC folks around the edges of our area know if help is needed.But, we've never had serious problems with safety at previous events.

I have other q's or feedback.

Please e-mail jeryche @ or contact @seattletransjoy on Instagram!