Seattle Trans Beachday!

A gathering by and for the local trans & nonbinary community

What is Seattle Trans Picnic (Beachday)?

Seattle Trans Picnic (and Beachday) is a project that has three goals:

1) Bring together Seattle's trans & nonbinary community
2) Make a trans/nonbinary space for us to feel safe and at home
3) Create some trans joy

Our 1st event was the Seattle Trans Picnic on July 17, 2021, at Volunteer Park. It was a wonderful event full of trans joy & community, and an estimate of 300-500 people attended!

Now, we're having a 2nd event: Seattle Trans Beachday on Saturday, Aug 21, 2021 at Madison Park in Seattle. It'll be wonderful!

This started because heard over and over from new trans friends in the Seattle area that they were missing community & connection with other local trans folks. There are also few opportunities for be in spaces surrounded by and centering trans people.

So, let's get together!

Bring trans friends, come alone, make new friends, or just enjoy being in a big joyous trans space.

What to know:

  • IMPORTANT: BE VACCINATED! Seriously! It's bad out there, and if you're not vaccinated from COVID I don't think you should come. The event is outdoors but there will likely be a sizeable crowd.

  • When: Sat. Aug 21 2021 - 12pm to 5pm

  • Where: Madison Park Beach in Seattle's Madison Park neighborhood. We'll plan to be on the south end of the beach -- keep an eye out for the flag(s) and the beautiful trans people. We'll try to put updates on the exact location the day-of on the Facebook Event and Instagram.

  • How to get there: Metro bus line #11 -- there are stops near the Westlake and Capitol Hill light rail stations; take it all the way to the end of E Madison street. There is parking near the park and on the surface streets nearby, but parking will likely be limited, especially later in the day.

  • Who: This event is for our trans, nonbinary, and other non-cis folks including gender nonconforming and two-spirit people. Cis loved ones (who are very trans-friendly) are OK to bring, but please keep this event trans-centered!

  • What to wear: Anything -- and I can't stress this enough -- you'd like!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a day for us to take up space on the beach, that is dominated with cis folks the other 364 days of the year. It is a relatively queer-friendly beach on all days, and we'll make it moreso this day. It is 100% legal and very welcome for anyone if you don't want to wear a top/shirt.

  • Bring: Whatever you'd like to enjoy a day at the beach! You can bring food or drink (but we'll have lots), a beach or picnic blanket or chair(s), and maybe a fun park activity or two to share. A swimsuit if you'd like to jump in the water (it is lifeguarded!). Floaties are allowed in the shallow end, and there's a little section to launch kayaks and such.

  • We'll have: Some free food & drinks (donation-based), including a special guest! We probably won't accommodate every food restriction unfortunately, but we plan to have some vegan & gluten-free items.

  • If you want to share: If you want to bring some food to share, that's great! But we suggest offering individually-portioned items, not potluck-style, for COVID and hygiene reasons. If you want to bring something but don't know what to bring, water is always welcome!

  • Know: Seattle Trans Picnic is not affiliated with any organization or sponsor. This is just our community coming together!

  • Rules: As this is a community event, follow your best judgment. Just be cool to others please, including other parkgoers who aren't with us. Be very welcoming to marginalized folks in our community, including BIPOC folks, disabled folks, folks from different countries. NO HATE. Oh, and no cops.

Guests: (tentative)

Stick to Resist

They'll be there with their minimalist mini buttons & spicy simple stickers. Stick to Resist is a trans/nonbinary POC-run project.

Essentially Oiled Skin Therapy

A Black-Owned & Trans-Positive skincare company that aims to show appreciation and equality within the LGBTQIA+ community. The lack of transgender focused skincare gave way for this store to exist. They put pride in every product showcased here. Website